Our quality ethos and cautious decision making, has earned Specialist Joinery Group the reputation as a solid family owned company. 


Founded in 1988 by current Group Chairman  – John Bosco O’Hagan, the business has now entered it’s 2nd generation of the O’Hagan Family.  The ethos of Family has always been central to our growth and development.

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SJG Logo John B O'Hagan

John B O'HaganGroup Chairman.

John B O’Hagan’s career as an industrialist spans decades, industries and continents.  His entrepreneurial spirit, vision and drive are the foundation of Specialist Joinery Group.

The Company’s sustained performance, development and growth is testament to his leadership skills and entrepreneurial awareness. His quality ethos and cautious decision making, has earned Specialist Joinery Group the reputation as a solid family owned company.

John B. O’Hagan is a family man and a highly respected member of the manufacturing and construction community.  His vast experience in the industry and passion for joinery work has been enhanced by the addition of his three sons; Ciaran, Sean and Dermot to key positions within the Group.

SJG Logo Ciaran O’Hagan

Ciaran O'HaganManaging Director

In his position as Managing Director, Ciaran has executive involvement in every aspect of Specialist Joinery Group. His extensive industry knowledge and professional experience has cultivated his ability to manage, lead and motivate our team to great success.

Ciaran’s emphasis on business improvement, lean process engineering, computer lead technology and sustainability guarantees our capabilities, to deliver product and service quality, embedding a culture of getting it right, first time, every time.

SJG Logo Sean McKay

Sean McKayFinancial Director

Sean’s thorough approach to financial management has been critical to the ongoing growth and success of the company.  His aptitude for financial planning, production scheduling and budgeting are essential in managing the successful delivery of multi million pound projects. Diligent management of debtor and creditors has earned Specialist Joinery Group a D&B rating of A1A.


SJG Logo Sean O’Hagan

Sean O'HaganContracts Director

Sean leads our fast track delivery programme. With a background in Construction Engineering and Management, he has a deep practical understanding of onsite operations/methodology, programming and working efficiencies. His direct approach to problem solving, decision making and commitment to timely delivery gives him a pivotal role in the group. Sean’s passion for joinery, precision and quality is exemplified in his wide portfolio of projects.


SJG Logo Coilin Campbell

Coilin CampbellCommercial Director

Coilin Campbell’s knowledge of cost and delivery for fit out projects is unsurpassable. Coming from an international construction background which spans 3 different continents, his 20 years experience in the joinery industry has given him the skill to adapt to different market sectors.   Specialities include; aesthetics, product performance and value engineering.


SJG Logo Dermot O’Hagan

Dermot O'HaganSales Director

Dermot’s customer centric approach and commercial understanding of Client needs builds brand loyalty and a solid base of repeat business. His background in Quantity Surveying and knowledge of our production operations enables him to deliver value for the Client.  An experienced leader, he takes a hands on approach to managing our Sales team. Dermot’s dedication and passion for the company is evident in all of his professional dealings.

SJG Logo Martin Collins

Martin CollinsTechnical Director

Martin has led the company’s growth into the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Sector over the past 25 years. Martin has been with Specialist Joinery Group since the beginning and his progression through the company is an example of how aptitude and professionalism are recognised.  Renowned for his encyclopaedic knowledge of technical details, fixings and ability to solve complex technical issues efficiently.

SJG Logo Paula McCloskey

paulaMarketing Director

As Marketing Director, Paula takes inspiration from the process innovation, design and creativity that is displayed in Specialist Joinery Group.  She is challenged to convey the significance of company’s achievements from a 360 degree perspective to potential clients and business partners in the international market place.  Her role in the group is enhanced by a professional background in Construction Project Management and Quantity Surveying.