5 Jewry Street, London Office Opens!

Specialist Joinery Group have now officially launched their London based office located on Jewry street. This new office provides a central convenient space where both SJG and our clients can meet to discuss ideas, work towards shared goals and most importantly open up a whole new world of collaboration. Jewry Street will act as a vital link between operation at Specialist HQ and Onsite Projects in London which will improve all aspects of project delivery.

Staff members who visited our exciting new office had lots of praise!

“Jewry Street opens up a new era of collaborative working. On hectic days in the city, it provides our teams with the ideal space for Specialist Joinery Group London Major Project Teams to catch up, deliver training and also host Client meetings. Above all it is a key stepping stone in the group expanding our presence in the market.” – Paula McCloskey

SJGs new London office on Jewry Street makes me feel like we have achieved a significant milestone for our company. It gives us a base with a professional environment to process our information from sites all over London. This office will give the opportunity to meet with both clients and site managers to increase communication which will go towards achieving our goal of a defect free journey from design to completion” – Cathal O’Kane

“It’s about making the client want to see more of us! A taster for the level of service specialist can provide and an ease of journey we have to offer” – Karen Trainor

“Jewry Street will allow our SJG Major Project Team’s the opportunity to react and reach conclusive decisions where required on the ground in the busy City environment  in an even more timely fashion due to its location and also with Jewry Street’s ambiance allow these important decisions to be taken in a more focused and strategic manner” – Declan McCallan