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Specialist Metal – Making Difficult Challenges Easy

Many of our major clients come to us with one-off bespoke projects. Naturally, such projects require one-off, bespoke design and fit-out solutions. Metal offers structural benefits and can also make a stunning architectural statement.

Making Difficult Challenges Easy

Working with these materials requires a highly specialised skill set that combines a deep technical understanding plus the creative vision to employ to the greatest effect.

Our sister company Specialist Metal offers innovative metal solutions for the changing world of interiors.

In this division we design and fabricate. We bend, wrap and fold. We create innovative finishes and seamless jointing.

Anything is possible in Specialist Glass and Metal, just email with any requirements to [email protected]

Make Each Day Your Masterpiece

Specialist Joinery Group Competition for Future Specialists

12-18 Winner – Ceileigh Rose Toner

During June, Specialist Joinery Group had a competition for children to Design their Dream Office Space with the chance to WIN a brand new laptop.

The idea behind the competition was to inspire creativity within children as well as offering a fun way to keep future designers and construction specialists entertained.  During these uncertain times there has been a need for remote learning and access to laptops which maybe every child may not have access to, therefore the top prize of a laptop was decided.

Under 11 Winner – Caiti Morren

All competition entrants could enter a drawing of their dream office or a small scale model using household items

At Specialist Joinery Group we were blown away with the skills and creativity from all the entries received, particularly with the effort and time a lot of the children put into their designs.

The talent and ability shown in all entries was exceptional.  Thank you to each and every child that entered. 

We have had an overwhelming response to our “Design Your Dream Office” competition leaving it extremely difficult to pick just one winner in each category, so therefore we have a winner and runner up in each category.

“The talent and ability shown in all entries has been exceptional.”

Ciaran O’Hagan, Specialist Joinery Group

The winners and runners up are as follows:

Under 11 Winner – Caiti Morren, age 11
Under 11 Runner up – Hugh Boyle, age 8

12-18 Winner – Ceileigh Rose Toner, age 14
12-18 Runner up – Amy Bruxelles, age 12

At Specialist Joinery Group, we have a companywide strategy to protect our environment, we therefore have chosen a further 2 special prize winners they are:

Peter’s “Save the planet” office, age 8
Aibhilín’s “Flower Power” office – age 5

The offices of the future certainly look like a fun place to work!

Peter and Aibhilín show off their prizes

3T Power to supply Specialist Joinery Group with locally-generated, 100% green electricity

Green energy innovators 3T Power have announced a partnership with one of the UK and Ireland’s premiere manufacturers of bespoke joinery and fitted furniture, Maghera-based Specialist Joinery Group to transition the company to a fully green electricity supply, exclusively generated in Northern Ireland. Through this partnership SJG have not only re-committed to their ‘green’ ethos but are also supporting independent electricity generators and the local Northern Ireland economy.

Specialist Joinery Group Factory at Night

Marking United Nations World Environment Day (5th June), the confirmation of this renewable electricity supply contract partnership will enable the team at SJG to reduce the carbon output of its 145,000 square foot manufacturing facility by over 360,000kg per year whilst also ensuring long-term savings through the confirmation of a low-cost, secure energy tariff. Their partnership follows recommendations by the United Nations-UK’s Climate 2020 publication to ensure that the post-Covid-19 recovery is one that values green principles to ensure a more sustainable future and falls in line with the Department for the Economy’s objective to reach a net carbon goal of zero by 2050 as part of its new Energy Strategy for Northern Ireland.

Leaders in providing bespoke, affordable renewable energy solutions to local businesses, 3T Power has established a network of locally owned and operated renewable generators across Northern Ireland and harnesses the power of wind, rain, sun and waste to help local businesses, including; Beannchor Group, Galgorm, Choice Housing, and Smiley Monroe, meet their sustainability goals.

Established in 2017 by Shauna Forbes, Thomas Kelso and David McElrea, the team behind 3T Power have developed long-standing partnerships with local energy producers and corporate energy users which go beyond the traditional customer-supplier relationship due to their longstanding experience in the energy and renewables sectors in Northern Ireland, where the team has been working as active innovators and developers in the sector for over two decades.

Known for their-quality delivery of high-end projects and their ethical approach to projects, SJG have worked with well-known brands across the UK and Ireland including; Google, Estee Lauder, University College Dublin, Queen’s University Belfast, Bank of Ireland and Aer Lingus amongst many others.

Discussing the confirmation of the partnership with 3T Power and SJG Shauna Forbes, Director of 3T Power said, “As the only electricity supply company in Northern Ireland dedicated to providing local businesses with 100% renewable electricity generated locally, we are delighted to act as the conduit between Specialist Joinery Group and our network of local renewable generators to ensure that the organisation not only meets its goals to become a more environmentally sustainable organisation but also supports the local economy by purchasing power produced by independent wind turbine operators.”

The long-term partnership between SJG and 3T Power has marked an important step in SJG’s company-wide strategy to protect the environment, which includes the use of renewable energy at its heart. Champions of sustainability, Specialist Joinery Group has also adopted usage of a woodwaste burner to utilise waste generated at the factory, installed a solar panel system which generates 50% of the facility’s electricity needs, and invested heavily in the planting of trees. Further plans for the organisation include incorporation of bee farming on-site, extension of the solar panel system, and similar woodwaste boiler systems implemented as other factories are developed.

Speaking on the company’s decision to partner with pioneering renewable energy supplier 3T Power Ciaran O’Hagan, Managing Director, Specialist Joinery Group, added:

“At Specialist, we have a company-wide strategy to protect our environment.  With a strong farming background and a love of the land and of nature, it makes sense to translate this into business practice also.  The use of renewable energy has been at the heart of this strategy and the partnership with 3T closes the loop on all the environmental actions we have been taking to date in our environmental excellence plan.”

Specialist Joinery Group ensuring Environmental Excellence

At Specialist Joinery Group, we have a companywide strategy to protect our environment. The use of renewable energy has been at the heart of this strategy.

Specialist Joinery Group World Environment Day branding in front of a rainforest background.

Some of our key actions include:

  • We only use electricity from certified renewable sources.  The Installation of our Solar Panel System generates 50% of our electricity
  • The remainder of our electricity comes from renewable Energy with expected annual consumption of approximately 900,000kWh, and a grid CO2 intensity of approx. 400g/kWh, the CO2 reduction should be around 360,000kg / year .
  • We operate a Mawera Biomass Burner to process all waste from the factory, which heats our workplace and assists with the operation of machinery.
  • We have a heat recovery system to harness waste heat in the manufacturing process.
  • We own and maintain over 100 acres of forestry in County Fermanagh.
  • Woodland Trust Donation/Sponsorship – Planting of Trees in 2019

Other actions that ensure our sustainable manufacturing include:

  • Accreditations  ISO14001, FORS, Waste Carriers
  • FSC Certification
  • PEFC Certification
  • ZERO Waste to Landfill.
  • ZERO Single use plastic.
  • ZERO Environmental Incidents.
  • ZERO Harm
  • Operate a sustainable procurement policy and comply with EUTR.
  • Business operations are monitored against our environmental code and carbon tracking.
  • Only use Formaldehyde Free Products.
  • We offer Low VOC/Water Based Paints, Stains, Lacquers
  • All projects benefit from an environmental plan and Waste Reduction Strategy.
  • Our Supply chain adopt our policies and exemplify the same level of excellence.
  • We develop software to analyse efficiencies and reduce waste within our business.
  • Packaging material is recycled.
  • We invest in the latest and most efficient machinery available within our profession.
  • We have intelligent lighting throughout the business to minimise energy consumption.
  • Our fleet exemplifies the best in class vehicle emission and we use planning software to plan our journeys.
  • We are committed to enhancing biodiversity with our Headquarters campus and beyond.
  • We operate the cycle to work scheme.
  • We have a Dust Extraction and BEAM Vacuum system to reduce & eliminate dust in the facilities.

Into the Future:

We are always looking into the future and planning other ways that we can help the environment.  Other plans we have going forward include Bee Farming, an extension to our Solar Panel System and development of other factories will be heated with a similar Woodwaste Boiler System.

Competition for Future Specialists: Design Dream Office Space – with a chance to win a brand NEW LAPTOP!

Run out of activities for the kids?  Trying to keep the kids busy while you work from home?

We have a fun way to keep our future designers and construction specialists entertained, as well as being in with a chance to win a brand new laptop!

We are looking forward to seeing your kids’ design creations showing off their Dream Office Space, which could include anything from an Ice Cream machine to a Teleporter – be creative and let your imagination run riot!

Social Media Laptop Competition

What can your future designers use?

This can either be a drawing of their dream office or a small-scale model of their dream office using household items.


We’re running the competition for two age categories:

  • 11 and under
  • 12 – 18

A winner will be chosen in each age category with the winners receiving a brand new laptop.

All entries will be judged by a Specialist Joinery Group panel and the winners will be announced on social media on Wednesday 17th June.

Entry Photos

Please be aware that all photos submitted to Specialist Joinery Group during this period will be posted on our company LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, either as entry posts or included in a montage.

How do you enter your future Designers creation into the Competition?

  1. Follow Specialist Joinery Group on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Instagram
  2. Post a photo of their creation on social media and tag Specialist Joinery Group
  3. Include Name, Age and Location of your future Designer (e.g. Anna, age 8, Northern Ireland)
  4. Submit entry on or before Monday 15th June
  5. Winner announced Wednesday 17th June on Specialist Joinery Group’s social media channels.

Good luck everybody and most importantly have FUN!

Our Response to Covid-19

One of our core values – the foundation on which Specialist has developed – is that we care. 

It makes sense that this value is demonstrated and visible in dealing with the challenges we face today.

The business community is now experiencing one of the most challenging situations in our lifetime – a threat that has the potential to compromise the health of not just our businesses, but the people we care for.

We take our responsibility seriously in this regard and have formulated our strategy to address the needs of our people, communities, business continuity and our promise to our stakeholders regarding reliability. 

The agility of our business model combined with a committed leadership team have enabled us to respond promptly to provide reassurance. In the below video we would like to take a few moments to walk you through our response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

As a team we will get through this and come out of it stronger, we are keen to bounce back and react to our client’s needs.
We would like to thank you for your ongoing support and understanding during this unprecedented situation.

Stay safe and take care of each other.