Firm’s Investment Plans Launched

New markets and new clients will dictate the pace of play within a business, especially a production led manufacturing plant. In order to meet the demand of our existing customer base whilst opening production to new companies, we have had to address our production capacity. After months of preparation, detailed thinking and the investment in an industrial production specialist, we have committed to a 3 phase multi million pound investment in our Production Capacity and Operational Efficiency. Investment in our people continues apace with these production initiatives. CPD and workforce development leading our new production facility. Phase 1 of the works has seen the reconfiguration of assembly line teams. Phase 2 has reorganised the machine shop, introducing bigger machines with greater capacity. The machine lay out has been reorganised, allowing optimum flow through the production line and greater working efficiencies. All of this is led by the very latest in design and production hardware and software.

Phase 3 of the project is currently in planning, but will see an extension of the production facility, increasing space by 60%. Ultimately the purpose of these works is to secure the long term future of the organisation and our people.