Silver Kings of the Road

Celebrating  FORS Silver with a Spotlight Feature on

Francis Higgins, Transport & Logistics Manager

Specialist Since 1994

When he isn’t coordinating deliveries, crossing the Irish Sea or out on the open road Francis can most likely be found sowing barley or checking out the latest accessory for his DAF LF250. But it’s fair to say that this fanatical trucker is never left idling for too long.

Francis Higgins is our Logistics Manager. Together with a team of trusted drivers he coordinates deliveries and logistics for the complete Specialist Joinery Group operation which can include servicing up to 30 live sites and pick up of materials at various suppliers in any one week.

Our Logistics department is a vital link between SpecialistHQ and  projects on site. They ensure all our products arrive on time and are a critical link in our perfect delivery strategy. Other responsibilities include liaising with clients, ensuring our people are readily equipped for work, promoting safe delivery, delivery planning and coordination, empty leg utilisation and the management of our FORS Silver Accreditation along with our HSEQ Manager Susan Morgan.

In January this year Specialist Joinery Group have invested in a pristine pair of DAF LF 250s to add to our fleet. These lightweight, aerodynamic lorries have been carefully designed to ensure high efficiency and low operating costs. Manoeuvrability in urban areas is vital for swift delivery and this DAF features a front steering angle of up to 90° – the smallest turning circle in its class.  “When preparing to invest in new fleet, automatically people assume that bigger is better. However our objectives concentrated on to reducing operating costs, optimum maneuverability and improving our fleet’s overall safety features and environmental performance. This guarantees swifter and more efficient deliveries for our Clients.” say Francis when discussing the latest additions to his yard.

Our Transport and Logistics Department take serious pride in their fleet and they have been out on the road showing off the latest editions to the family. At the Mid Ulster trucking festival Y700SJG won first prize in the best light commercial category. Specialist Joinery Group were represented by a total of three vehicles on the day.

Specialist Joinery Group is a member of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) and just this week they have upgraded their bronze certificate to Silver. This voluntary accreditation scheme promotes best practice for commercial vehicle operators and we see it as a must have for our operations as it complements our continuous improvement drive and encompasses all aspects of safety, efficiency, and environmental protection by encouraging and training fleet operators to measure, monitor and improve performance.

Pictured above, Francis attending “Safe Urban Driving” (SUD) course which has been in operating, introduced in 2011 and funded by Transport for London (TfL), are specifically designed to improve driving standards and the safety of all road users, with an emphasis on pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists.