Make Each Day Your Masterpiece

Specialist Joinery Group Competition for Future Specialists

12-18 Winner – Ceileigh Rose Toner

During June, Specialist Joinery Group had a competition for children to Design their Dream Office Space with the chance to WIN a brand new laptop.

The idea behind the competition was to inspire creativity within children as well as offering a fun way to keep future designers and construction specialists entertained.  During these uncertain times there has been a need for remote learning and access to laptops which maybe every child may not have access to, therefore the top prize of a laptop was decided.

Under 11 Winner – Caiti Morren

All competition entrants could enter a drawing of their dream office or a small scale model using household items

At Specialist Joinery Group we were blown away with the skills and creativity from all the entries received, particularly with the effort and time a lot of the children put into their designs.

The talent and ability shown in all entries was exceptional.  Thank you to each and every child that entered. 

We have had an overwhelming response to our “Design Your Dream Office” competition leaving it extremely difficult to pick just one winner in each category, so therefore we have a winner and runner up in each category.

“The talent and ability shown in all entries has been exceptional.”

Ciaran O’Hagan, Specialist Joinery Group

The winners and runners up are as follows:

Under 11 Winner – Caiti Morren, age 11
Under 11 Runner up – Hugh Boyle, age 8

12-18 Winner – Ceileigh Rose Toner, age 14
12-18 Runner up – Amy Bruxelles, age 12

At Specialist Joinery Group, we have a companywide strategy to protect our environment, we therefore have chosen a further 2 special prize winners they are:

Peter’s “Save the planet” office, age 8
Aibhilín’s “Flower Power” office – age 5

The offices of the future certainly look like a fun place to work!

Peter and Aibhilín show off their prizes