Priority Collaboration Service


In January 2017 we launched our Priority Collaboration Service.

Using our 30 years plus product engineering, material specialisms and service delivery experience we have created a new service model, which is intensely focused on the design process and will challenge the industry’s concept of service excellence. This new initiative is already accepted as a major advantage in delivering complex interior design schemes, fast tracked projects and multiple floor fit out projects.

We love people and building relationships and it has always been our philosophy to spend time with our customers and understand what it is we can do to improve what we deliver for them. We appreciate the complexity and depth of the design process and the benefit that fostering personal relationships deliver. This platinum service focuses on two processes design and customer experience.

As total client advocates we work with the project team to overcome project constraints, simplify complex issues, identify value add opportunities and above all ensure a seamless project delivery from initial concept to completion and handover on site.

What to know more about the benefits that Priority Collaboration can bring?

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