Specialist Work Experiences

Specialist Joinery Group love to get involved with our local communities and especially our education partners. Each year we take on dozens of work experience and placement students in different positions throughout the company.

This week it was the turn of Rosie Rogers, a Lower 6th pupil at St Patrick’s College Maghera.

The following is a short piece written by Rosie on her week at Specialist HQ.

My name is Rosie Rogers and I study at St. Patrick’s College Maghera.  I am currently studying Geography, Technology and Applied Business Studies. At the moment I am very interested in a career in design as I think it is very interesting and this is something I can see myself doing. I am a very social person which has helped me to be quite confident and good with people which I believe would be useful in this line of work.

At school I studied business studies GCSE and I am now currently studying Applied Business in my A-level course. In GCSE Business Studies we studied and researched Specialist Joinery, this made me very interested in the company which is why I was attracted to completing my work experience here.  Specialist Joinery is a very big company however, I was very comfortable to complete my work experience here as all the staff are very kind and welcoming.

My first few days of work experience helped me gain a great insight into the world of work. I am very interested in design as I am studying Technology & Design in school. In my second day here at Specialist Joinery I was brought to the Contracts department where I was given the opportunity to use their CAD systems. Also in the Contracts department I was shown the different stages of a drawing from the initial ideas to the final checks, and all those between including the morning brief to understand how different projects are coming along and how long they will take to complete. This was a great opportunity as it helped me to understand how the department works and if it is something I would like to do in the future.

At the moment I think it is very difficult to understand what I would like to do in the future. There are so many different jobs to choose from and for many people it’s hard to pick just one thing which you are interested in. Specialist Joinery has definitely helped me to understand the aspects of different jobs, and also how different departments of a company can link together to help each other. Overall, I enjoyed my work experience in Specialist Joinery as they gave me great opportunities for learning about the different types of jobs which i hadn’t really understood in the past. Due to this I would definitely recommend others to complete their work experience here as not only was it a great experience to see how a company like this operates, it also helps to make picking a career a bit less scary.