Specialist Joinery Group ensuring Environmental Excellence

At Specialist Joinery Group, we have a companywide strategy to protect our environment. The use of renewable energy has been at the heart of this strategy.

Specialist Joinery Group World Environment Day branding in front of a rainforest background.

Some of our key actions include:

  • We only use electricity from certified renewable sources.  The Installation of our Solar Panel System generates 50% of our electricity
  • The remainder of our electricity comes from renewable Energy with expected annual consumption of approximately 900,000kWh, and a grid CO2 intensity of approx. 400g/kWh, the CO2 reduction should be around 360,000kg / year .
  • We operate a Mawera Biomass Burner to process all waste from the factory, which heats our workplace and assists with the operation of machinery.
  • We have a heat recovery system to harness waste heat in the manufacturing process.
  • We own and maintain over 100 acres of forestry in County Fermanagh.
  • Woodland Trust Donation/Sponsorship – Planting of Trees in 2019

Other actions that ensure our sustainable manufacturing include:

  • Accreditations  ISO14001, FORS, Waste Carriers
  • FSC Certification
  • PEFC Certification
  • ZERO Waste to Landfill.
  • ZERO Single use plastic.
  • ZERO Environmental Incidents.
  • ZERO Harm
  • Operate a sustainable procurement policy and comply with EUTR.
  • Business operations are monitored against our environmental code and carbon tracking.
  • Only use Formaldehyde Free Products.
  • We offer Low VOC/Water Based Paints, Stains, Lacquers
  • All projects benefit from an environmental plan and Waste Reduction Strategy.
  • Our Supply chain adopt our policies and exemplify the same level of excellence.
  • We develop software to analyse efficiencies and reduce waste within our business.
  • Packaging material is recycled.
  • We invest in the latest and most efficient machinery available within our profession.
  • We have intelligent lighting throughout the business to minimise energy consumption.
  • Our fleet exemplifies the best in class vehicle emission and we use planning software to plan our journeys.
  • We are committed to enhancing biodiversity with our Headquarters campus and beyond.
  • We operate the cycle to work scheme.
  • We have a Dust Extraction and BEAM Vacuum system to reduce & eliminate dust in the facilities.

Into the Future:

We are always looking into the future and planning other ways that we can help the environment.  Other plans we have going forward include Bee Farming, an extension to our Solar Panel System and development of other factories will be heated with a similar Woodwaste Boiler System.