Specialist Joinery Group invest several hundred thousand in sustainable energy.

Specialist Joinery Group began their sustainable future initiative in 1990 with the purchasing of forestry land and since then it has constantly been improving. This investment was followed up with the installation of a wood chip biomass burner which burns only waste materials from our factory, a new fleet of aerodynamic and fuel efficient lorry’s and now our latest move to start generating solar energy for our factory.

Pictured on the roof of the factory the PV Solar Panel system will generate 127500 kWh of energy for the factory annually.

At the start of January this year SJG took another stride towards renewable sustainability with the installation of a 150kwp PV Solar Panel system. This considerable financial investment will see SJG generate 127,500 kWh of energy annually with 90% of this being used to run the factory. SJG is constantly striving to become more sustainable and this investment will help to achieve that goal. These solar panels will decrease spending on energy whilst at the same time making a significant cut to the factories Carbon Footprint.

Managing Director Ciaran O’Hagan stated “We at Specialist Joinery Group are committed to environmental sustainability and as such it is at the forefront of all our decisions, this renewable energy source is simply just another step in the right direction”

The Company currently boasts several accreditations including ISO 14001, two timber Chain of Custody certificates as a result Specialist were awarded The Irish News Green award for environmental excellence and sustainability. . Our dedication to providing the most sustainable value for money solutions without having to compromise on quality is what makes us the first choice for Bespoke Joinery throughout the UK and Europe.