Specialist Wellness Week 2017

Specialist wellness week: 15th to 19th June 2017

On Monday we kicked off Specialist wellness week with the launch of our healthy eating drive. A wide variety of complimentary healthy snacks including fresh fruit, low fat yoghurts and fruit juice was provided in our canteen for all staff to enjoy for the entire week.

Next up on Monday was the arrival of the very talented Tanya Young of TY Fitness. Tanya carried out BMI testing for all our staff, led an interesting and very informative talk on the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle and even provided two introductory Pilates classes in our training room.

On Tuesday we had a smoking cessation workshop to encourage and support any staff who wanted to quit. The workshop involved a short talk on the health benefits of stopping smoking, lung capacity testing and quit kit sign up. To follow up on this talk on the 26th of May we will be running an eight week stop smoking clinic where those who wanted to quit will receive weekly help and support in their bid to kick the habit.

The week will finish with a “big healthy breakfast” and a lunchtime staff walk

We would like to take this time to thank our incredible staff for their enthusiasm towards this event and a special mention to Tanya Young and Gillian McAtackney for their help.