‘We Care’ – World Mental Health Day

This year World Mental Health Day is more important than ever. The months of lockdown and the difficult times that we are going through has had a huge impact on us all. Prioritising our mental health has never been more important.

At Specialist Joinery Group, we care. Mental health awareness is so important to our employees and our community. Some of the actions we take to promote mental health awareness include:

· We have 5 in-house Mental Health First Aiders, who can provide mental health advice and support to our employees.
· We work with an external company, CCO who offers emotional and mental support to all Specialist employees and their families. Providing everyone with helpful hints, tips and training.

In the last number of years, we have raised money for a number of charities that offer mental health support to the people in our community and further afield, including; The Olive Branch, S.T.E.P.S. and All Lives are Precious.

We care about you. We are here for you. It’s good to talk.

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